First Year Teachers

For the good of the group.

Phases of the first year teacher

Do you feel overworked and stressed? Or worse, do you wonder if you’re not a good teacher? These are natural feelings for first year teachers. You have likely been working overtime (some have said it feels like you are working three jobs) and it’s taking it’s toll. Read the Phases of a First Year Teacher from the New Teacher Center (NTC). At the very least, it’s a relief to know you are not alone. Then, read this inspiring story about a first year teacher overcame the “Disillusionment” stage and moved to Rejuvenation with the help of a mentor.

Ask a Mentor… Any time of the day

All beginning (first-year) teachers will be assigned a site-based mentor by their principal as support during their first school year.


Another option is to choose a mentor online and get support and feedback within 48 hours.  Help is on the way.

Ask a Mentor

Tune Up

The Curriculum Engine tutorials will help you plan lessons using curriculum & unwrapped standards. Watch 101 to learn more. When you’re ready write those plans and collaborate and share with peers, watch 102 to learn more about the collaborative planning tool.